A 94 Year Old Yogini

Heroes… leaders… examples – people who motivate us to do something we wouldn’t have done – do you have them in your life??  We all need them… and more than just one. Diverse people with different life experiences and perspectives… they can be anyone. And they don’t have to be famous or well-known!

I’d like you to meet someone who doesn’t make excuses for not staying active. Fujiko Hasegawa is a 94 year old mother, grandmother and great-grandmother from Yamamoto, Mitoyo City, Japan. Fujiko has always been an active member in the local community and has many close relationships.

She has lived a full life that continues to thrive – getting better with age! A life full of work, family, and diverse interests. These include… farming and gardening… writing and reading poetry… singing karaoke…  studying English… and practicing Yoga!!

Generous, kind and always pleasant – Fujiko always puts the needs of others before herself! My wife and I have been touched by her shining example – she’s a great source of motivation to us!

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