Tips on Self Reflection

It’s easy for motivation and inspiration to escape us. You know the feeling well…one moment it’s there and the next it’s not. To stay motivated we can’t try to do too much at once, otherwise you might never get started! The best way to tackle any project is to take one step at a time. Making progress everyday, no matter how small… building and sustaining what you’ve already done.

Major changes are overwhelming for our minds. Jumping ahead to envision the results and see the “new you,” can knock us off track. The path itself might only be clear as far as the next step, but beyond that it’s all foggy! We need goals and a good idea of where we want to be… but that goal can be as simple as doing better today than we did yesterday.

We just have to trust ourselves to make the right choices when the time comes. It doesn’t do us much good to worry about the things we can’t yet see or do. The things that we can do today, that’s what deserves our attention.

Doing our best in the here and now, that’s what prepares us for the future!

Analysis Paralysis

Our thoughts translate into our actions and lack of actions…they show where our true motivations lie. A classic way to never get started is by over thinking. We sabotage our own progress by adopting ways of thinking from others. Yes we need help and positive influences from others for sure, but ultimately we need to make our own decisions. 

There’s a self-defense mechanism that we use to stay in our comfort zone. It motivates us to hide and avoid challenges. The stress you feel when you leave the comfort zone is usually when the self-defense mode kicks in. But it’s all based on fears, especially of things which we don’t understand. These fears are often based on false teachings that need to be unlearned.

We run away from our fears, but instead we should really just head straight towards them! Whatever it is, once we realize it, we can be reasonable in planning and adjusting our day to day lives. However, the words we use are a big insight into our thought patterns. This makes a good place to start!

Passive Expressions – An Emergency Parachute

You hear a lot of emotional detachment and lack of interest in many expressions thrown around today. They’re used to get out of serious situations that require thought or challenge our emotions. No one really wants to get their hands dirty, but we’re happy to move on and let it fall to someone else!

Here’s just a few examples:

  • “It is what it is” – glances over the situation and avoids root of a dilemma, without explaining much at all.
  • Yeah, but what can you do?” – just a cop-out rather than seeking real information. A rhetorical question, usually signaling the end of discussion!
  • “I’m sorry for your loss” – said over the loss of a loved-one, but does this bring any comfort?? Not only does everyone say almost the exact same thing, but they’re stating their own feelings, not thinking of the one who is grieved. Wouldn’t it be better to ask a meaningful question, like – “What are you doing to do next?  How do you feel?  Are you OK?  How can I help?”

Wake Up From the Trance

In life, some people are sleep walking and others are sleep talking! Look for words or expressions you’ve been using that don’t serve any real value. Do they serve any real purpose, other than keeping you nice and coddled? Move out of the comfort zone and test your limits!

How do you feel when people speak to you like this? Hopefully it doesn’t happen much, but if you recognize a regular pattern, it could be a reflection of how people see you. Or even more, it’s a statement about the kind of people you associate with.

When speaking to children or elderly people, we usually speak very simple and plain. Other times we spare the details and even hold back for the sake of keeping harmony. But in life we can’t always compromise our feelings! We need to express the hard truths and say and what we believe!

Know who you are and give a better effort to be true and genuine – in everything you do and say. Learn to do this little by little, day by day. Not only will you have a meaningful impact on others, but it will help you to recognize truth and move towards it!


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