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Family in Florida - June 2015 My goal is to help beginners, anyone who feels lost or who’s had trouble taking action with their health.  I’ve made some big changes in my life, but I only started to get only half serious about my health once it started falling apart.  Back in my early 20’s my digestion started to give out and I realized I couldn’t eat the same way and neglect my body.  And on top of this, serious injuries from my youth still require my attention today.

Although I made some positive changes with diet and fitness habits, I could never go far enough and break away from the lifestyle I became accustomed to.  For the longest time it felt like I was taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back, with an occasional big leap forward.  My growth was never consistent.  I also realized that many of these changes were made out of desperation, not by my own true desire.  I got to a point where I had no other choice.  That’s not being in control – and it’s definitely not freedom!

Seeing Things Clearly

Halong Bay - Kayaking
Looking back, I know I wasn’t pursuing my own goals and dreams.  It was more like keeping up appearances and trying to serve the image of what I thought my life should be (all based on some mythical ideas).  I didn’t do a good job of defining my goals and desires.  It just created a mess and I wasn’t happy this way.  This took such a long time for me to realize.

It’s easy to get stuck in a lifestyle that doesn’t allow the kind changes we really need.  Like so many people, I didn’t have the slightest idea about what changes I needed.  In reality, we can be who we want to be!  It’s all up to you to decide.  No one else can hold you back, unless you let them!

I gradually began to push myself outside of my comfort zone, stumbling along the way.  A defining moment in my life was when I moved away from Massachusetts to California and met my wife and soul mate, Lara.  She taught me to see and enjoy the simple things in life.  But the biggest changes came once I could completely isolate myself from my old life.  In 2010 Lara and I moved to Japan.  We both left our comfortable jobs and decided to teach, something new for us both.  We could’ve never imagined it, but the work and our experiences were amazing and fulfilling in so many ways!Yukatta - Summer Festival Dance

Japan is truly a special place for us.  But just by leaving the US it was an incredible opportunity to let go of distractions – most of which I had been fully aware of.  Unfortunately, I might not be able to identify so closely with my friends and family in the same ways.  However, I’ve opened the door to new perspectives and truths that were actually in my mind all along.  I learned to be grateful for the gifts of nature and time with family and friends.  These are simple ideas that bring a more meaningful purpose to life.  And I want to continue to deepen these relationships and help others do the same!

Gratitude in All Things –  It’s Really that Simple!

I’ve been lucky to have so many different teaching experiences, but I’ve realized that there is no such thing as teaching, only learning!  There’s so much we don’t know and we should never forget that!  I know I’ll always need help and I’ve been blessed to have it!  Love, forgiveness and charity can help heal any past mistakes.Michael - Awai 3rd grade 2015_NEW

I love God, my family and my friends!  I love learning, teaching, yoga, swimming, skiing, traveling, languages, healthy foods and nature!  Keeping healthy is a priority in my life because it allows me to help others.  I’ve enjoyed it in ways that I never imagined.  Giving up the things and interests I once held dearly was well worth the price.  Living this way brings me peace and satisfaction that I could never find before!

Now we’re living in Italy – pursuing one of our true dreams!  Our daughter is growing more beautiful every day, in every way!  Despite the tremendous challenges this move has brought, we’ve been able to see past them.  Like all the others, these troubles are nothing compared to all the good things we’ve been blessed with!  Challenges are nothing but opportunities for growth – this is a valuable lesson that I’ll never forget!

True Health True Life – Intro Video

Michael & Lara - YogaSki - Banff, CA

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  1. Hi. Juliana here, from beautiful Oregon. How wonderful to discover your page. So filled with passion, humble and inspiring sharing. May you and your wife continue to thrive and prosper, with abundant blessings everywhere you go. Thank you for the recipes!

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