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Your body is starving – literally!  You need nutrients, but you’re NOT getting them – not enough!  The S.A.D. diet isn’t serving you well.  It’s a reality for so many people as our bodies are breaking down and we’re plunging deep into an enormous health crisis.  You need to correct this NOW!  Get yourself an overdose of nutrients to make up for all the damage and neglect you’ve caused.

Orange juice, apple, grape, cranberry, even tomato juice – these are the juices almost everyone knows and grew up drinking.  But, they are all fruit juices – usually loaded with artificial ingredients and refined sugar!  The only kind of juice that can give you what you need is freshly made vegetable juice.  The kind you can’t buy at the store!  Making them yourself, or juicing – this is what I’m talking about.

Carrot, Spinach, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Ginger - with Chia Seeds
Carrot, Spinach, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Ginger – with Chia Seeds

It’s led the way for me to regain my health, change my diet and lifestyle and feel alive with energy!  There are many who agree with me and already know how great juicing is for healing.  However, there seems to be a debate on the topic and others who put it down, claiming it’s all non-sense.  But to me these arguments are tooth-less.  Anyone who doubts juicing and hasn’t tried it for a meaningful length of time couldn’t possibly tell you how good it is!  How could they??  The only way to know – is to do it – and make it a part of you life.  Then you’ll see for yourself!

As for me, I’ve been juicing for the past five years, almost everyday!  I can tell you, when you do it right – it will transform you!

What is Juicing?

Before we can fully understand the benefits of juicing, lets cover the basics.  Juicing is a way to cleanse and at the same time nourish your body.  Juicing is a method for healing and detoxifying.  In fact, it is probably the fastest and most efficient way to do so!

When we juice, the focus must be on fresh vegetables (organic if possible and green is great).  We know veggies are loaded with vitamins and nutrients – of which, most of us are sorely lacking.  These have the raw materials we need to unlock our body’s natural healing power!

Why is Juicing More Efficient?

How do you get all this in your body - quickly?
How do you get all this in your body – quickly?

There are different ways to get nutrients into our body.  But as we consider those, let’s ponder the differences:

Juicing VS. Eating Cooked Veggies

Well that’s always very good – but no, juicing is better!  When you eat veggies – and you cook them, the heat destroys most of the nutrients and enzymes.  Any foods heated above 48° C (120° F) rapidly lose their benefits.  So that’s not really efficient.

Juicing VS. Eating Raw Veggies

If you eat them RAW, you preserve all the nutrients.  This is much better, but you still have to cut, chop and chew them – which takes a lot of time and energy!  To get enough veggies into your body and enough nutrients to actually heal and cleanse, you need large amounts of them.  Think about how long it would take to prepare and eat all those veggies!  It’s just not practical to eat like that everyday, nor is it the most efficient way to heal and nourish your body quickly.

Last, but not least, your body needs to process and eliminate everything.  This takes energy!   Our body has to extract the nutrients from the foods and process the waste and undigested fiber.  Luckily, fresh veggies come with their own digestive enzymes to help out.

Coming back to the question about efficiency, we’re really looking for the quickest way to absorb nutrients.  That brings us to the main reason juicing is most efficient:

Eliminate the Fiber

When you juice fruits and vegetables, the juicer extracts the liquid from the pulp or fiber.  Most of the fiber is indigestible anyway.  The body would have to use energy to do this, but instead the juicer is doing it for us!  90% of all the nutrients are found in the juice.  And therefore, drinking the juice is the most efficient way to get the nutrients into you body.  Because there’s nothing to chew, nothing to digest, the body and organs don’t need to use any energy.

By juicing, you’ll lose the fiber and the other 10% of the nutrients.  But the energy saved from the digestion and elimination is key.  Juicing allows us to strip down massive quantities of veggies into a condensed and potent liquid.  Best of all, the process preserves the nutrients in their natural state – unlike store bought juices that have little resemblance to their original form.

Let’s consider the benefits of juicing.

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