The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing, is an amazing source of energy for healing, fighting disease and living a more vibrant life!  It’s also a form of Raw Food, which is great complement to any diet – healthy or unhealthy.  When done right, juicing can serve as a bridge for crossing over from unhealthy living and leaping into a healthy lifestyle.

Carrot, celery, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger
Carrot, celery, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger

Anyone who would benefit from juicing is likely lacking energy, sufficient nutrients and suffers decreased organ function.  Nowadays, that’s pretty much everyone!  Also, digestion can be a huge drain of energy.  Everyone’s digestion eventually becomes less effective and we can’t eliminate waste as effectively.  This leaves a build-up of toxins that get stored in our body – in fat, the intestines, the arteries and joints.

Like an injection or an intravenous line (IV fluid) straight into your veins, drinking a fresh vegetable juice gets nutrients into your blood stream instantly!  Similar to catching up on some much needed sleep – juicing gives the body a chance to rest, recover and strengthen itself.

The Benefits – A Packaged Deal

The benefits themselves are a packaged deal – but not like “buy one, get one free,” everything is included!  It’s a natural function of our resilient body.

Your body gets a surplus of energy – energy it receives from the juice and energy it conserves by not having to digest solid materials.  That abundance of energy helps the organs to catch up on their jobs and you get the following:

  • A Natural Detox –  The digestive system and the immune system are enhanced and work more effectively.  The bowels, kidneys and liver are freed up and cleansed and are more effective in burning fat and eliminating toxins.
  • Better Digestion – When you do eat solid foods, you’ll absorb nutrients and eliminate waste more efficiently.  You’ll have more regular and productive regular bowel movements as well.
  • Stronger Immune System – A more efficient immune system means you’ll fight off colds quicker and get sick less often.  It also goes a long way in healing from chronic diseases.
  • Losing Weight – Taking in less solid food and no fiber, it leaves nothing behind.  Literally, the body absorbs every bit of the juice and nothing is unused and left to accumulate.  You’ll have less of an appetite for solid food and be fuller quicker!

The vegetables themselves are the key as they’re loaded with nutrition.  However there’s no fiber, only nutrients!  Juicing lightens the burden on the body because the nutrition is already predigested.

How to Choose a Juicing Routine

By knowing the benefits of juicing, we can implement juicing in our lives based on your needs and situation.  Choose how you want to juice and how often.  In particular, the ingredients used will have different effects.  And of course, the more you juice, the more you’ll spend on fresh produce.

Juice Cleansing

If you suffer from chronic disease and illness – juice cleansing is a powerful way to fight your disease.  Like rebooting your PC, reboot your body by consuming nothing but juice for an extended period of time.

This is also known as Juice Fasting, where you replace all your meals with a juice.  So you might only have 3 juices per day (1 – 2 liters).  Water between each juice is OK too.

Be prepared for strong detox reactions for a temporary period of time, or feel something like catching a cold for a day or two.  As you gradually eliminate harmful foods in your diet, these detoxing symptoms will lessen in intensity each time you do a juice cleanse.

Juice Feasting

Similar to fasting, except you’re indulging in as much juice as possible.  Hence the name “feasting,” maybe as many as 5 or 6 juices per day (3 -4 liters).  Some people will also eat only raw veggies along with juice feasting or drink water between each juice as well.

Once a Day – Meal Replacement

Use as a meal replacement for any meal of the day.  Also as a way to ensure you get a daily dose of vegetables if you’re eating other cooked meals or meat dishes.  A good strategy is to follow up any cooked meal, with a raw meal – or a juice.

Transition Away from Unhealthy Lifestyle

A great way to get started and ease yourself into the process, try 3 -4 juices per week and increase gradually over time.  As you juice more often, cravings for sweets and junk foods will fade.  Your body just handles juice better, so you might feel less desire to eat solid foods.

Things to Remember

Whichever way you juice, remember you’ll still be hungry.  The juice burns off quickly, so don’t expect fill your energy needs from 1 or 2 juices a day only.  A regular routine could be to juice at least once everyday and occasionally do a juice cleanse or juice feast.

Be sure to consult your doctor for serious condition and pregnancy.  Take the time to learn more about juicing and the proper way to make a juice.

Also, see this page for juice cleanse recipes.


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