8 Alternatives for Self Healing

Crazy, insane, silly, nuttykooky, or out to lunch, is that you?? But maybe sometimes these labels fit all of us. Albert Einstein’s definition of the word  Insane: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Maybe we’re all a little more insane than we realize!

Learning about your body… noticing trends in modern healthcare… recognizing little details of your life and the world around you… all bring you to a point of self reflection. It could lead you to crossroads in life, a serious time for decisions and contemplating a new approach.

When It Comes to Taking Care of Yourself, What is Crazy?

Is it crazy to follow the crowd and leave your health in someone else’s hands? By waiting until we’re sick before changing in our life, we’ll surely get to see something crazy! Here’s are a few things that sound crazy to me:

  • Taking medications for your entire life, especially those labeled with huge side effects including death!
  • Open heart surgery, splitting your chest open and inserting another blood vessel from your body in order to “bypass” a blocked artery.
  • Chemotherapy and removing essential body parts to treat cancer. Ingesting poisons worse than the disease and tearing apart the body… that can never be called healing!
  • Normal diets of chemical filled, low nutrient foods… while the disease rates explode around the world.

Today, crazy is the norm.  Being told what to do and think… bending to pressure… conforming to social standards… ignoring our basic needs… and still expecting a better life?

By taking care of ourselves, we’re the ones who are responsible for taking charge –  doing the research and making the decisions.  It’s OK to have help, but you are the one who is accountable!

Nutrition and Cleansing to Maintain Health

Coming back to a logical and reasonable approach, we need to nourish and cleanse the body.   With the right combination of the two, disease cannot exist. The point is to strengthen the body… so that it can do the work it is designed to do.

Cleansing is a way to strengthen the body and then allow it to cleanse itself.  The main focus is to remove the toxicity from the body… and then keep it clean!

So now, how to do that?

Taking it slow… preparing for some difficulties and setbacks… but learning and improving on the way.

Here are my top choices:

8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  1. Eating well is crucial and healthy food is the best Medicine! Your diet will likely need a makeover!  Maybe you need to take more time. Choose well and pay a little extra for eating fresh, organic and natural foods. However it’s worth it in the money and time you’ll save down the road on healthcare.
  2. Detoxing is a direct approach to cleansing the body. Think of how many times you clean the outside of your body. Now how often do you clean the inside?  There’s a wide range of natural and gentle detox methods easy to start and adapt into your lifestyle.
  3. Exercise, when done regularly stimulates your body so it naturally performs what it’s designed to do… including eliminating toxins.
  4. Fasting, or taking a break from food, gives your body a chance to catch up to its main tasks. When its not busy digesting foods, there’s a lot of energy left over for the body to enhance performance and heal itself.
  5. Stress reduction is so underrated! Too many people don’t know how to avoid or to respond to stress. The body produces a hormone called Cortisol in response to stress. Too much cortisol has a negative effect on many core functions, including weakening the immune system.
  6. Sleep and rest are obvious to almost everyone. Sleep should be 6 to 8 hours per night, giving the body a chance to repair itself and absorb all the work it did in the day. Also, taking regular breaks from work and exercise helps bodies to recover and our minds stay sharp.
  7. Meditation has a calming effect and helps us detach from our stressful lifestyles. Amazing  for physical, mental and spiritual healing and growth, it creates awareness in all aspects of our lives and a better understanding of who we are.
  8. Nutritional supplements are a necessity. Unfortunately, food alone cannot provide for all our nutritional needs like it once could.  Thanks to pollution and overuse, the soil has been stripped of much of its nutrients. The right supplement can give the body what it’s desperately missing.

Once you wrap your mind around these concepts and practice them, you’ll start to see your life and the world a little more clearly. You’ll be amazed by how much you were missing out on… I know I was.



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