Business & Tax Planning for Your Side Hustle

Financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight. And for Network Marketers, Small-Business Owners and Entrepreneurs… along with all the hard work, the starts and stops and success along the way, the right planning and partners are essential! 

Developing the right mindset and systems for planning and running your business properly are centered around tax planning and advice. As you build your business and get it off the ground, the business structure and record keeping are common areas where mistakes are made, where opportunities are missed and money leaks out. And with so many details involved and rules to learn, it’s far too easy to leave your earnings at risk. 

Sheree White, E.A., is tax-planning expert who shares her insight, best practices and highlights major mistakes to avoid for Network Marketers and anyone who receives 1099 income. Here’s an outline of the topics covered…

  • Sheree’s Intro & Background – 1:00
  • 1099 Income Overview & Tax Reporting Responsibilities – 2:00
  • Business Structures – LLC’s, Partnerships, S-Corps, Individuals – 5:30
  • Tracking Profits & Tax Planning/Payments – 12:30
  • Amending Previous Years’ Tax Returns – 13:45
  • Evaluating Tax Professionals & Their Services & Credentials – 15:50
  • Quickbooks & Record keeping Best Practices – 21:45
  • How to Work with Sheree – Contact Info & Resources – 26:00

You can reach Sheree at

…or on Messenger at… or call (561) 376-2564…

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