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First and best of all, “Oil Pulling” is easy, cheap and effective while fitting nicely into a daily routine.  I actually do it a few days a week, usually before breakfast, all before I’m even dressed.  Now, with that said let’s dissect this a bit more.  It seems we’re really just talking about oral hygiene, which is a huge concern by itself.  However, it’s more than just white teeth and healthy gums.

If you consider how many toxins enter the body through the mouth you’ll realize why oil pulling should be in your routine!  Oral hygiene aside, your mouth is a prime source for bacteria to grown and then spread throughout the rest of your body.  Research shows a clear link between infections of the mouth and heart disease, stroke, diabetes and birth defects.  So not only is it worth making the extra effort to take care of your mouth, but oil pulling is an effective way to detoxify and protect your body.

So What is Oil “Pulling”?

When I first heard the term oil “pulling”, it sounded so strange to me that I never even associated it with the human body or detoxing.  Maybe it’s a new kind of oil change or maintenance for the car, I naively thought.  But no, it’s actually just swishing oil in your mouth, almost like you do with mouthwash.

So the premise is the same as something you probably already do.  However the difference between coconut oil and Listerine is like night and day!  For me, I use nothing but organic, extra virgin coconut oil and for good reason!  Although you could also use sesame, olive or sunflower oil too, coconut oil has a plethora of amazing uses!  In my house, we use it regularly for cooking, apply to our skin and drink it in our vegetable juices.  Additionally, here’s a very short and quick list of why I like coconut oil:

  • Pleasant smell and taste.
  • Great source for healthy fats and high omega-3 content.
  • Great for skin care – moisturizing skin and healing cuts and wounds.
  • Healthy cooking oil that doesn’t oxidize and lose its potency at high heat.

That’s only a fraction and if you haven’t already seen a list of benefits, it seems to get longer every time you look!  You’ll quickly see why it’s worth stocking up on it and it’s also cheaper in bulk amounts too!

Why Use Coconut Oil For Oil Pulling?

All the oils I mentioned tend to be antibacterial, which is generally why they are effective.  But there’s just something special about coconut oil that works really well with our bodies!  Because of its high levels of lauric acid (a saturated fatty acid – very healthy), coconut oil is strongly antibacterial and antiviral.  Lauric acid is about 50% of the saturated fat in coconut oil, which is far more than any other common source.  This puts coconut oil in an elite class along with breast milk.  However in comparison coconut oil has far more lauric acid than even breast milk!

Just like the oil in your car that pulls out dirt and grease from the engine, once it’s changed it leaves the engine clean and performing at a higher level.  Hence the name oil “pulling”, the antimicrobial properties of the oils actually “pull” out or pick up the bacteria and toxins.

Here’s How You Oil Pull

  1. First, do it in the morning before eating.  I like to do it as I’m getting ready, taking a shower, getting dressed, etc.
  2. You only need to use a teaspoon or two of oil to start.  Then start to swish or “pull” the oil through your teeth.  Go for about 15 – 20, but make sure not to swallow.  As you swish, the oil mixes with saliva and your mouth will get surprisingly full, so be a little careful what you’re doing.  You might need to get used to swishing for such a long time, but start slow and gradually work your way up.
  3. When your finished, spit out into the trash, not the sink.  You’re mouth was just full of bacteria and who knows what!  Don’t contaminate your sink as the dirty oil could build up over time and even harden in your plumbing.  Spit it into the trash or any other convenient option that will leave your house.
  4. Lastly, rinse out your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth.

Many people have strong testimonies about the benefits of oil pulling.  The facts and the research are there too.  I’ve definitely noticed quicker healing from sore throats, colds and sinus congestion along with whiter teeth and stronger gums.  Best of all, I find it’s probably the easiest and most effective detox method to fit into my routine.
coconut uses infographic


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