Finding Abundance & Reinventing Yourself!

Abundance vs Scarcity… sure we can see it all around. But it’s a concept we might not be able to recognize so easily in our own lives and in our thinking. And it plays a huge role in our self-esteem and ultimately how successful, happy or fulfilled we are. 

A scarcity mindset is probably more familiar to most of us and sounds something like this…

 “I can’t do it because I don’t have_____… I don’t think I can… I’m not that person… I don’t know how to… I can’t afford to…”

The list of excuses goes on and on. However, an abundance mindset opens up when we shift the focus to the how and why… 

“How can I change?… How can I afford this?… How can I learn this?… How can I find the right help to________?…etc.” 

And last but not least… is having a clear goal in mind. Knowing “the Why”… and having a clear focus on your ultimate goals. This is the starting point.

It comes down to being open… and believing there’s nothing that you are unwilling and unable to think or do, in order to become all that you are destined to become. It programs us to work through mistakes and setbacks to reach our goals, doing a little better each day, and never quitting!

By telling yourself these things… you program your subconscious mind to believe and know that they are true. When you feed yourself with positive thoughts and images of yourself succeeding and making progress, you’ll find answers that weren’t so far off… and even right in front of you!

We open up our mind to so many more possibilities, all within our reach!

This is the right mindset for finding the right answers and making changes… and opening yourself to the help you need. It applies to all aspects of our lives…(family, career, health, athletics, etc.), and it helps us to embrace other people along the way. It helps us build and embrace a community… a place to come back to where we feel at home. It gives us a process to fall back on, and a mindset that lifts us up whenever we feel lost or lose momentum… and keeps us on track even after we succeed. It provides a new, more effective way of living…

So now let’s get out there and start applying it…

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