Healthy Life Tips….for your Family

If you’re a parent who’s struggling to live a truly healthy lifestyle – you should be worried!  As a parent, you’re the role model for your kids – the first source of knowledge and learning they ever have.  Although TV and internet may come a close 2nd, you’re the biggest influence on their behavior.  Almost all the bad habits they pick up, come from you!!

If you intend to make long-lasting and beneficial lifestyle changes, you need to take a closer look and be aware of everything you do!  Be aware of who is affected by your actions, thoughts and words – they do tend to stick!  Building your schedule and life around work and family means you have an even greater need to be a strong example – you have an even greater responsibility to learn, as well as teach them how to be health conscious!

Imagine creating a healthy lifestyle, filled with delicious and nutritious foods – spending time together as a family!!

Make a Little More PRODUCTIVE Time for Yourself

This may sound completely unreasonable or impossible as a parent – especially with small children.  However taking better care of your physical, mental and spiritual health is not impossible, despite all job, family and other obligations.  Despite all the duties and demands on your time, you already have some personal time already ingrained into your schedule.  Whatever it is you do to relax, unwind and let go of your day – take a closer look at it!  How do you spend your free time?  Are these things serving you well??  And your family??  The 1 hour of TV before bed, football games on weekends, nights out for dinner/drinks, surfing the internet – facebook, etc.??

Here’s your best chance – this is the time you need to use more productively!  Make improvements in your life that carry over to your kids!

Re-prioritize Eating!

First and foremost, don’t compromise on food!!  Give it the importance it deserves as your main source of healing and nourishment – your medicine and fuel!  As you get started it takes time, but preparing nutritious foods will be well worth the sacrifices and time you put in.  Eventually it becomes like second nature and you’ll get much faster.  Best of all…. you’ll NEVER consider eating those quick and cheap processed meals – it just won’t be an option anymore!

You’ll need to free up time to research, learn where and how to get the right ingredients and equipment and to practice – this is why that other stuff has to go!  As you start off, focus on the quick and healthy recipes that sound good to you – there are so many!!  The common theme throughout all of them is that they are fresh and local ingredients – unprocessed – usually not packaged in wrappers or boxes.  They are often vegetarian, vegan, or raw food recipes – involving little to no cooking/heating.  Adding meat is OK, but only sparingly so that you keep a good balance.

These are generally the best ways to eat the most nourishing foods!!  And….they’re the best way to build the core of your healthy lifestyle.  

Ready to Go….Anytime

The goal is to always have a “go to” option in your kitchen – something that can be prepared and ready to eat in less than an hour (even 30 minutes)!  Ideally you can have everything you need already in the kitchen – keeping it well stocked with a minimal amount of ingredients.

This means your shopping habits will change as well.  Learning the best food stores, local farmers markets and food stands and even online stores ( – the best ingredients and fruits and veggies (perishables).  Finding the way to manage their limited shelf life of fresh foods means you need to plan in advance – have a general idea in your mind of what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the next few days.  Think of these as your fast food options! 

A Chance for Family Bonding

These recipes become quicker once you can teach the family and get everyone involved.  It’s also a nice way to draw closer to one another and bring greater awareness and attention to the importance of eating quality foods.  Another aspect – it’s a more efficient use of time that might’ve been wasted on less meaningful ….em – TV, FB, etc. – in isolation.  Not only do you bond and learn about healthy, nourishing cuisine – but you all have fun in a wholesome way – together!

There are countless recipes and variations – let your imagination, creativity and motivation to flourish!  This is something you CAN actually justify – a way to replace the habits and routines that don’t truly make us happy.  Spend time together with your family – establishing a healthy core lifestyle – connecting deeper with your body, with nature and each other!

Here’s some recipes to get you started:

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Raw Oatmeal Recipe

Raw Guacamole Recipe

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