Holding Yourself Accountable

It’s always best to have an accountability partner to help you reach your goals! Especially when it comes to pushing you beyond where your own discipline falls short.

But before you do get yourself a partner, think of the consequences of not following through with your actions and goals. Will your health suffer? Will you live a drearier life? Will those around you suffer as a consequence of you being someone who can’t provide more?

Who is to blame for when, not IF, but when you eventually fail? ONLY YOU, that’s who. So come to peace with that however you needed to… but know that you can do better! We all have an amazing potential that we can’t even begin to fully understand… it’s eternal… never ending! So don’t let it stop here… we’ve got eternal progress to be making!

Now as for finding a partner… yes do it right away. It can be a complete stranger, someone you don’t even actually speak to. And this might make the most sense… someone who won’t baby you, but treats you with respect.

A Facebook group is a great place to start… but opening up new conversations with strangers can definitely lead you to find the right people! After all, there are no coincidences in life… every chance encounter happens for a reason!

Check out this video for a little more insight…

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