It’s Time to Get Moving… Before you Get Stuck!

It’s easy to get stuck in life… and there are so many ways it can happen, either mentally or physically. I think of a boat that gets stuck on a sandbar or runs aground… probably one of the worst outcomes besides sinking! Ship captains and boaters are almost always aware of the depth of the water in which they sail. They are constantly checking the depth-finder to know what’s going on beneath them. But even with the best equipment they can lose sight of this and here’s where they end up!

And with our lifestyles and diets today, it’s far too easy to hit the proverbial “sandbars” in our lives. With so many distractions we can get stuck against a sedentary lifestyle, lacking consistent, natural movement throughout the course of the day.

Not only with basic movement, but it’s also important to regularly elevate your heart rate, whether by exercising or just by having a naturally active routine. Doing so can have amazing results on the quality of your life, not only in weight loss, but to relieving stress, improving sleep, boosting memory, focus and the immune system and more.

Our lives can improve tremendously by making simple lifestyle changes and getting more active… whether that’s hitting the gym, swimming, jogging, yoga, tai chi, bike rides, regular walks around the block… the possibilities are nearly endless!

As you adopt a regular routine you be able to reduce inflammation and stress, while improving your overall physical and mental performance. Also don’t forget… working up a sweat is one of many great ways to detox your body!

So ask yourself… what are you doing to move more and sit less?

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