Making Changes & Failing Forward

What is it about making changes that’s so difficult? We all know how nice it is to stay within our comfort zones, but don’t you feel that nagging feeling deep within that makes you uneasy… like you know there’s something more you need to be doing?

If anything, we should be making changes just to satisfy our conscious mind and remove any and all reason for feeling guilty. This is a way to find peace for sure. But also, when you look back on how many times you’ve messed up in your life, didn’t you feel like you learned something profound? Perhaps something that changed your thinking or behavior from that point going forward?

I like to say that making changes is just a way of making progress. Whether it’s accidental or a conscious decision, stepping out of our comfort zone provides the best opportunity for enlightenment. That’s how we build our “muscles” to overcome criticism, doubt, fear, anxiety, etc., and learn how to deal with all our weaknesses and flaws. And that is especially true when it comes to our health, longevity and overall well being. Here’s an area where we need to be deliberate and seek out better ways to take care of our bodies. We owe it to ourselves and those around us to do better!

It’s definitely OKAY to fail trying, because that’s where all the real progress and learning happens! With a combination of constant effort, perseverance and an open mind, you’ll find the formula to make huge improvements… learning valuable lessons from mistakes… but picking up so much wisdom and experience that you can share with others. And to me, there’s no better education you can have… and that’s when the true reward comes!

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