Managing Your 4 Selves

Making smart health choices has NEVER been just about what you eat. It’s true. You live in a body and this vehicle needs certain things to thrive. But what about the other parts of you? You know what I’m talking about. What you think about, what you love, how you want to succeed…

Being healthy – physically and mentally and emotionally — it’s a never-ending balancing act. Constant questions like: What should I eat to stay well? How do I de-stress during this time? When do I step back and take a deep breath? How do I get re-energized to do what I need to do?

You need answers… you need balance. And just know this: If you want balance, you need to fuel yourself in multiple ways to be truly healthy.

Listen in as Bridget Hom shows you how to take care of your “Four Selves” and gives a fresh perspective on how you do health and wellness in your own life. Connect with Bridget Hom here, at Bridge to Freedom Coaching.

**And join us each week for live presentations where we educate and uplift each other… find us here at the Health & Wellness Connection!

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