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Detoxing doesn’t have to be an intense, time-consuming process.  You can actually detox everyday, but in a gentle way so the effects don’t hit you like ton of bricks!  For me, I just want to help my body get stronger and eliminate toxins everyday.

I’ve outlined 6 different methods for a gentle detoxification.  Not only are they great ways for beginners to get a feel for detoxing, but they’re super easy to build into a daily routine.  Once you build your routine, you’ll constantly keep your body and mind clean!

Here’s my daily routine:

In the Morning:

  • Wake up – Warm up – I start with gentle, movements and stretching.  NOTHING extreme, just enough to loosen up the hands, arms, legs, feet, back and neck.
  • Nature call’s” – the toilet – not that I need to explain this one, but bowel movements and urination are natural ways to eliminate toxins after a night of sleep.
  • Lemon Water – I drink a glass of filtered water with fresh squeezed fresh lemon juice just after waking.
  • Oil Pulling – at least 3-4 times a week I like to do oil pulling with coconut oil.  I’ll take about 1 teaspoon and swish it around in my mouth while I get ready (taking a shower, get dressed, and preparing breakfast).
  • Skin Brushing – I keep the skin brush next to the shower, so I can take 3-4 minutes to brush just before I take a shower.
  • Juicing – After showering and getting dressed breakfast is a fresh vegetable juice.  Usually a combination including carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and greens like cabbage, spinach, or celery.  This is the core part of my breakfast and I might also have some bananas, raisins or nuts.

I do everything in about 45 minutes, before I leave the house.  Sometimes I start the day with a Yoga practice just after waking up, but if not I’ll wait until the afternoon or evening.  Otherwise I’ll go for a long walk with my family.  Especially if it’s sunny, this is the best way for natural Vitamin D from sun exposure.

In the Afternoon and Evening:

  • Water – I’m always drinking filtered water throughout the day.  It keeps me hydrated and helps flush toxins out.  I carry a 1-liter bottle with me and try to finish it before I come back home from work.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar & water – almost everyday I’ll have 1 glass, sometimes two.  I like it either before dinner or about an hour or so before bed.

These vary with my schedule, but when time allows:

  • Yoga practice – among many things, Yoga is a sure way get the lymphatic fluid and breath cleaning out toxins.
  • Meditation – excellent for stress reduction, so the body can focus on it’s job of cleansing and healing!
  • Hiking or walking –  long walks outdoors with my family.
  • Breathing – the 3 previous are excellent ways to focus on deeper breathing, but you can do this anytime, anywhere you find some fresh air.
  • Detox Tea – My wife and I love herbal teas and keep a good assortment, including detox teas.  I like to have herbal tea after dinner, but not too late or before bed, otherwise I’ll be running to the toilet in the middle of the night!

So these are the core things I do everyday.  Nothing too serious, but together they make an effective daily detox.  I really notice the difference when I get off track.  I don’t sleep as well, lose energy and start to feel more run-down.

If I do get off track, I turn to other detox methods on a weekly or monthly basis.

Weekly or Monthly Routines:

  • Enema – I do a coffee enema a few times per month, or even once per week.
  • Neti Pot – cleansing the nasal cavity and sinuses is best before a cold hits – like when I start to feel it coming on.
  • Bentonite Clay – I drink it mixed in with filtered water, twice a day for a 4-5 day period.  It’s very effective and strong, so I don’t like to go too many days.  Occasionally I use it in a hot bath or foot bath, soaking for 30 minutes or so.
  • Activated Charcoal – I take these in pill form for about 3-5 days at a time, usually 2 pills per day.  It’s another strong detox that works well with Bentonite Clay, like a “1,2 Punch” that makes sure any toxins don’t get re-absorbed in the body.
  • Detox Baths – with salts, essential oils or bentonite clay.
  • Juice cleansing – I mentioned how I juice everyday.  However, from time to time I like to give my digestive system a break and consume nothing but juice.  This is a juice fast and means juicing maybe 3 – 5 times per day.  It can be a lot of work and a strong detox, but the results are worth it!

This should give you some ideas of how to build your own daily, weekly and monthly routines.  Take your time and build up slowly once your comfortable.

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