New to juicing?  Looking for a tool to forever change your diet and your life?

Well, the market for juicers is quite sophisticated and could seem pretty confusing – enough to get your head spinning!

But lucky for you!  With what I’m about to tell you – you don’t have look any farther than…..

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus – JE98XL

Breville Juice Fountain Plus - JE98XL
Breville Juice Fountain Plus – JE98XL

For cleansing and healing your body…. making serious lifestyle changes…. or just upgrading your existing juicer – you need to get started and build momentum – fast!

This is the key…and this juicer will lead you to a rock-solid juicing routine!  The JE98XL promises to glide you to an easy transition to healthy living – without interrupting your schedule or daily life!

In fact, you can count on improving your health, vitality and longevity – giving you more time immediately and in the long-run, where it counts most!

Here’s How:

  • Super-easy to use and clean!  You’ll have everything done within 15 minutes (even cleaning the drinking glass).  Compare that to preparing, cooking and cleaning for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  A perfect substitute for any meal – the JE98XL takes less prep time and precutting.
    • It has a 3″ feed chute – meaning you don’t have to take time to finely slice and dice all your fruits and veggies (I usually throw an entire lemon into my juices, and you could even fit a full apple).
  • A Quick Clean!  With only 6 pieces, it assembles and disassembles easily.  You could either rinse and brush them off in the sink – or throw them in  dishwasher.  The “Juice Jug, Food Pusher, Juice Collector, Top Cover, Pulp Container and Nutridisk” all fit in the top-rack of the dishwasher.
    • Hint: for longer-lasting use, be sure to thoroughly hand clean the “Nutridisk” (the micro-mesh filter – one of the more delicate and critical pieces).
    • You’ll also have the perfect size “Cleaning Brush” included.
    • The “Pulp Container” can stay clean by lining it with a plastic bag to catch all the pulp.
  • The Potential for Potent Juices – depending on the ingredients and their freshness, you’ll get more nutrients into your bloodstream – quicker than any other way!
    • The Speeds and Power – the JE98XL has 850 watts of power!  This ensures efficiency and quicker juicing of hard/dense fruits or vegetables (especially celery, cucumber, beets, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and ginger).
    • 2 Speeds – “High Speed” cranks out 12,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) and can handle anything you throw at it!  It’s intended for the hard/dense produce.  However there’s a “Low Speed” (6,500 RPM) that is specific for soft fruits and vegetables. 


After getting a solid juicing routine down, you’ll won’t tolerate the greasy, fried, junk foods anymore.  They’ll actually cause you more pain and discomfort than you ever realized!  Those cravings for sweets and rich foods will start to fade away before you know it!  Soon you’ll be craving only fresh, natural foods and JUICES!  This juicer quickly advances you to this point!

Juicing Leafy Greens

Many people will tell you that “centrifugal” style juicers (models that spin from the center and shred the produce), are no good for greens – veggies like kale, spinach, swiss chard and other leafy greens.  In general, greener juices are more nutritious and beneficial.

Ideally for leafy greens and soft fruits (berries, bananas, strawberries), there are specific juicers – known as “masticating” or slow juicers.  These are designed to crush and squeeze the produce.  But they take so much longer…. are harder to clean…. and require much more prep time for hard fruit and veggies.   The juice output is higher, but the tradeoff in time efficiency is steep!


I’m here to tell you that you CAN juice greens very well with the JE98XL!  Because it has 850 watts – the power is there!  You can have sufficient quantity of juice from your leafy greens.  You can even juice them on “High Speed” and keep things simple!  You’ll see improvement by taking leafy greens and bunching them tightly, stuffing them down the feed tube with other hard fruits and veggies.

With any centrifugal juicer, including the JE98XL, your juices are exposed to air – hence sometimes you’ll have froth or foam on top of the juice.  But by drinking immediately you limit any further oxidation and preserve the precious nutrients.

Heat is Not an Issue

The JE98XL won’t heat your juice (when nutrients quickly dissolve).  According to Breville – only 1.8º F of heat is transferred to the juice from the machine.  Also, refrigerating your fruits and veggies not only keeps them fresh, but leaves you with a refreshing, cool drink!

Quantity – Great for Two…But Perfect for One

With a 1.1 quart “Juice Jug” (1 liter or 34 fl. oz), you’ll make enough juice for two people (sharing roughly 550 ml each).  Do this twice per day and two of you will have an effective Juice Cleanse.

If juicing just for yourself you’ll easily be able to move on to Juice Fasts (drinking or eating nothing but fresh juice).  You could pull off drinking 1.1 quarts even up to 3 times per day – substituting juice for food without difficulty!

When Making Juice For More Than 3 People

Splitting 1.1 liters of juice (or 34 fl. oz.) by 3 people –  will get you only 12 oz. or less (like a soda can or bottle of water).  That’s not exactly meaningful for your body – so you’ll likely need more than 2 rounds of making enough juice at one time.  With the JE98XL, you can continue to juice once the “Juice Jug” and “Pulp Container” are full, but you’ll need to stop to empty them or replace with another container.  Not hard to do, but something to keep in mind!

Get the Kids Involved Too

Why not let them start young – living a healthy lifestyle.  Learning to make juices is easy and safe!  The JE98XL has virtually no way to hurt yourself!   With a safety-locking arm that cuts all power to the machine – you can’t possibly run it until all parts are securely in place.

No more complex than putting together a “lego” set, the kids are always fascinated by it.  They see fruits and veggies go in and magically juice is flowing out!  They’ll be eager to test it out!

Only Slightly Loud

Not bad in terms of loudness, but while you’re running the JE98XL don’t expect to carry on a phone call or listen to TV or radio from across the room.  However, it’s nothing that would wake the kids or startle the neighbors (but maybe the cat).

The One and Only Juicer You’ll Need

I’ve used the same JE98XL juicer almost everyday….for 5 years!  NEVER did it die or give out on me!  Many times we juiced twice a day and even up to 3 times per day!

It also has a built in Overload Protection feature to prevent you from ever blowing out the motor.

I recommend replacing the “Nutridisk” filter basket from time to time, when the blades dull.  You notice the difference a new one makes – much more smooth!  Other than that you shouldn’t need to replace anything else.

The JE98XL does come with a 1-year warranty – but it’s built so well that you’ll probably never need it.  The body is built from a heavy-grade polymer material – so the body and the motor are secure.

What You Need to be Aware of

  • Extra Cleaning:  Long-life and constant use add up and lead to wear and tear, stains and fading on the parts.  Fine particles from the pulp build up and harden, creating a layer of film.  It’s more noticeable on the transparent parts (Top Cover, Juice Jug, Juice Collector but also on the Food Pusher too).  Using the Cleaning Brush and warm water is not quite enough to take care of it.
    • Occasionally you should do a little more.   Get a soft scratch pad or toothbrush for nooks and crannies – use warm soapy water and give it a good scrub.  Otherwise you can soak it in hot water with vinegar, then give a scrub.
  • Designate a Specific Area in Your Kitchen:  Be prepared for occasional splashing on the walls, counter-tops and your clothes.  An apron is a good idea!  But overall you won’t have much to mess to worry about.
  • Have a Separate Dish Rack:  Washing the parts by hand to air dry them, will take up some space.  Have a dish rack that doesn’t compete with your other dishes.
  • Have Clearance Space Above:  roughly 18 inches tall (45 cm), you need to have space above the JE98XL.  Inserting foods from above and raising the “Food Pusher”- you’ll need another 10 inches of space – so don’t position your juicer under a cabinet or anything else that might get in the way. 
  • TOO Easy to Juice Fruits:  Apples, oranges, pineapples, melons, watermelons, even carrots and beets – really easy to juice with the JE98XL.  But don’t juice too much fruit or sweet veggies – otherwise you’re just asking for blood sugar and insulin spikes!  Get the right balances of veggies with fruits!
  • Look at the Pulp:  It will be very dry and fine for things like carrots, celery, broccoli and other hard veggies.  However the more liquid fruits and veggies will likely leave you with wet pulp.  In general, dry pulp is a sign of efficiency in extracting as much juice as possible.  Wet or big chunky pieces in the pulp let you know what produce is harder for the JE98XL to process.  That’s usually the leafy greens, but cucumber pulp is always wet even though you’ll still get a ton of liquid from it.

How the JE98XL Stacks Up to Other Juicers

Breville makes a wide range of excellent juicers.   The other high-end, centrifugal Breville models have even more power – 1200 watt, 1000 watt, and 900 watt models.  However, these can be quite a step up in price ($399, $299 and $199, respectively).

But with each of these, you’ll have almost the same RPM speeds as the JE98XL (from 6,500 to 12,000 RPM).  However they include up to 5 different speeds ranging from 6,500 RPM to 13,000 RPM.  They also have a either a heavy-grade, die-cast metal or stainless-steel body.

The JE98XL model has heavy-grade polymer body and a smaller “Pulp Container”, 2.6 Qt (2.5 liter) vs. 3.2 Qt (3 liter) of the largest model.  But all of these models have the same 1.1 liter “Juice Jug” and 3″ feed tube for inserting fruits and veggies.

Overall, for someone who’s just getting started – there’s not a huge difference between them….except price.

Convenience vs. Efficiency

We’ve noted the exposure to air, small amounts of heat, froth on top of juices, the noise it makes and wet pulp – So I can’t say the JE98XL is 100% efficient.  Sure there are more efficient machines.  However 100% efficiency is much more costly and time consuming!  And that’s not what you need! 

Wouldn’t you rather have 100% convenience?  Especially when you can’t afford to get sidetracked – you need to move forward – so you’re juicer has to be easy.


I used my first JE98XL consistently for 5 years.  Never having any problems and only replacing the “Nutridisk” (and I didn’t really need to, it just works better with fresh blades that cut easier).

So let’s do the math:  take the $150 price for the JE98XL and divide by the 5 years I’ve used it…and we get $30 per year!

Think about buying the cheaper juicers, on average having only 200 – 500 watts (about 2500 RPM) – but still paying anywhere from $20 – $70.  But these juicers are notorious for dying quickly – lucky to last more than one year.  And nowhere near the efficiency and quality of the juices (forget about even trying leafy greens)!  And often leaving pulp in your juice, being much louder, and with much smaller juice containers.  These are not built for daily juicing – let alone transforming your life!

No Comparison

The JE98XL is the ultimate value for anyone starting out juicing!  You can’t find a better mix of efficiency and convenience for the price.  

Of course, you can spend more if you want – but really you don’t have to.

Don’t hesitate….and don’t take any chances with anything less than the JE98XL.  Get one now!

P.S.  It’s also the juicer as featured on film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  And you can get the Juice Fountain Plus on Amazon at a great price.

Also, if you want a larger container size for larger quantities of juicing… you could also go with the Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold… for about $30 more

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