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I know you have a good idea of what you need to do to start healing yourself.  Knowing more about how your body works, what it needs and how to maintain it is the key – the foundation.

You also need to be aware of everything you put into your body!  There are too many bad foods that seem harmless, but this is why we end up getting sick!  Start eliminating and seriously cutting back on these bad foods and focusing on healing foods and cleansing.

We already know that juicing plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle – so we won’t get into these details now.   Before talking about the right foods, we need to build the right mindset for motivation and discipline to make and sustain the changes you need.

This idea of a healthy lifestyle is challenging and you already know what that means.  Starting new habits and making changes aren’t always so hard.  But how do we stay committed?  We all have obstacles to overcome and situations that make us stand out from the rest of the world.  We might be mocked or ridiculed when we do what is necessary for our health.  But you can often find the truth of anything when you simply look at the results!

It’s really more about overcoming the obstacles in your life or clearing out the fog and seeing clearly.  Going against the trends that many of our family and friends embrace is a difficult obstacle.  People who take care of themselves can make others feel insecure and become negative or critical towards you for your progress.  Negativity is a powerful influence and can paralyze your progress.

The neighbors car or house might be bigger, or more expensive.  It might draw criticism or envy, or it could even be a source of motivation.  However we can find positive motivation from others who inspire us to act.  Keeping up with the Jones’ can be a good thing when it leads to health and happiness.  Rather than focusing on superficial and materialistic pursuits, the truth about your personal goals and interests is what needs attention.  With this in mind, we can start to uncover the more subtle and hidden fears that hold us back.

Qui Bono

In particular, if you have a family and kids who may not understand or be able to support your lifestyle and dietary changes.  That’s why you will need to teach them and have them adopt these changes too.  Peer pressure, influences of TV, movies and internet send messages that do not truly serve our best interests.  Just ask the question, “WHO BENEFITS?”  Once you can see who or what it is that gains the most from an idea or product, then you can start to look at their character.  The character and actions will tell you everything you need to know whether or not the idea they promote is worthwhile for you!   Ask yourself: Do you support anyone or anything with low morals and standards?

I did this with my wife too, but thankfully she adopted most (not all) of the new habits along with me.  Most but definitely not all, and she was often reluctant too.  However I knew I was right in what I was doing so I didn’t give up and I eventually won her support.  When we find real truth in life it’s transformational otherwise it’s useless.  To turn away from it because of inconvenience is wrong and it won’t sit well with us if we’re being honest.  It’s something that will come back to haunt you!

Remove Yourself the Distractions

We all need a moment of peace and quiet to clear our heads and gather our thoughts.  But what if you never get those moments?  As an adult it’s crucial to your sanity to find such moments of reflections on a regular basis.  Give yourself to analyze the direction your life is going – and determine who or what is that driving force.  Is it you – or some other outside influence??

But how is a child supposed to do this?  They need to be taught of course.  It’s a gradual process, but in the meantime children need to leadership that can help them one day take actions on their own.

You need to be prepared for your family’s questions and bring them along with you on this journey, otherwise they will very likely face the same problems you have.  This the opportunity to build a closer relationship together as a family.  Recognizing that you are all working together and that you need each others support – it’s humbling, yet empowering!


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