Overcoming Narcotics Addiction – Ashley Walker Interview

Narcotics and opioid addictions are rocking our world today… where almost everyone is being affected in some way or at least has a connection to someone who’s life is being destroyed by this epidemic. 

Learn how Ashley overcame her narcotics addiction as she describes her struggle and emotional journey. In this video interview, she discusses how she’s moved on from addiction as a Mom and freelance writer. Ashley shares first-hand insight into how easily narcotics addictions can develop and creep into almost anyone’s life. 

She also gives a deeper look into how physical pain can play such a central role in how the addiction develops and highlights the need for greater awareness of narcotics and opioids, including having a plan for limiting their use, uncovering alternative methods and ultimately how to get off narcotics and overcoming the addiction.

She is also dedicated to spreading awareness and alternative treatment methods for those without the resources, knowledge and support. 

You can see her work and self-help resources at https://overcomingnarcotics.com/ 

…or follow her on Instagram @overcomingnarcotics

Video interview:

0 – 1:00 – Moving on from addiction as a Mom

1:00 – How her emotional journey began

4:00 – How you feel pain

4:50 – Developing an Addiction

7:00 – How she got off Opioids

11:00 – Having a plan for Opioid Use and Creating Awareness

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