Profile Interview – Spotlight on Pascal Pierre

I recently had the chance to catch up with Pascal Pierre, founder of Selective Soccer, semi-pro soccer player, health-enthusiast and all-around amazing person. I caught with up with him just before one of his daily training sessions and talked to him about his vision and desire to share his gifts and give back to those less fortunate. See the full video-interview below…

We also took a detailed look at his training routine and the fundamentals behind a successful transition path to reaching your goals.

We discussed his nutrition plan and how to fuel your success, and even dove into some of Pascal’s endurance drills.

In addition to being truly passionate about soccer, nutrition and fitness, it’s very clear to see how privileged he feels to have the opportunities, knowledge and support he now has in his life. But he also knows what’s it like not having these things. And he’s driven by a desire to provide access to what he has… those same opportunities and guidance that we’re not always available to him growing up.

Pascal also loves music and is a talented drummer… he’s an active member in his Church, is well-loved in his community and also has a very tight relationship with his family.

He is available for private training sessions, and works with players of all ages and abilities, including children.

Follow Pascal on Instagram on his handle: @SelectiveSoccer

Video Interview

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