Best Self Motivation Quotes

Some people have a magical way with words. I always admire how easy the great speakers and writers convey complex thoughts or ideas concisely. I imagine this easiness with words was the result of facing and overcoming enormous challenges in their lives. This is usually the common thread for people who inspire. These are small, … Read more…

Understand Your Food Addiction

Addiction to foods – is this what’s holding you back?  The problem is not the physical body, instead it’s all in your mind!  The body is craving real nutrition and is doing the best it can with what we provide.  Instead of satisfying our body’s desires, we usually give it something opposite of the real … Read more…

Wake Up From The Trance

Common expressions, speech and shared ideas really reflect the state of health in the mainstream. They tell us a lot about the mentality and priorities of entire nations. The modes of thinking and psychological factors like who we trust… what we already believe… and how we remember things… all affect how we process new information. … Read more…

10 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle

“Every artist was first an amateur.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson. Healthy living takes time and practice just like anything else. Setbacks always come, so once you’ve decided you want to be healthy, you’ll need persistence. Being healthy is a state of mind and lifestyle you need to adopt. It needs to be ingrained in your daily … Read more…

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