How to Breathe for Energy

You know that breathing is important.  Or at least you should….without it you’ll quickly die!  But the way you breathe affects you in so many ways.  The short list includes…..your energy level, stress, mental clarity, heart rate, digestion, detoxifying and feeding your trillions of cells.  Deep breathing – inhaling and exhaling into the belly and … Read more…

My Daily Detox Routine

Detoxing doesn’t have to be an intense, time-consuming process.  You can actually detox everyday, but in a gentle way so the effects don’t hit you like ton of bricks!  For me, I just want to help my body get stronger and eliminate toxins everyday. I’ve outlined 6 different methods for a gentle detoxification.  Not only … Read more…

Simple Detox Series – Yoga Breathing

The breath is the most fundamental aspect of life and all our functions. You can actually survive a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only minutes or even seconds without breathing.  But since we’ve been breathing our entire lives, we often take it for granted. It’s hard to overstate the importance … Read more…

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