Breville Juice Fountain Plus – The Best “Starter” Juicer

New to juicing?  Looking for a tool to forever change your diet and your life? Well, the market for juicers is quite sophisticated and could seem pretty confusing – enough to get your head spinning! But lucky for you!  With what I’m about to tell you – you don’t have look any farther than….. The … Read more…

A 94 Year Old Yogini

Heroes… leaders… examples – people who motivate us to do something we wouldn’t have done – do you have them in your life??  We all need them… and more than just one. Diverse people with different life experiences and perspectives… they can be anyone. And they don’t have to be famous or well-known! I’d like … Read more…

Overcoming the “Dangers” of Juicing

So, you’re worried about juicing?  Is it really worth it, or too many reasons not to bother??  OK, yeah….. juicing is not perfect.  We can’t say it’s a true panacea or a fountain of youth.  But nor can we say that it’s truly dangerous!  After all, just getting out of bed in the morning could … Read more…

All About Juicing

Your body is starving – literally!  You need nutrients, but you’re NOT getting them – not enough!  The S.A.D. diet isn’t serving you well.  It’s a reality for so many people as our bodies are breaking down and we’re plunging deep into an enormous health crisis.  You need to correct this NOW!  Get yourself an … Read more…

My Daily Detox Routine

Detoxing doesn’t have to be an intense, time-consuming process.  You can actually detox everyday, but in a gentle way so the effects don’t hit you like ton of bricks!  For me, I just want to help my body get stronger and eliminate toxins everyday. I’ve outlined 6 different methods for a gentle detoxification.  Not only … Read more…

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