Raw Guacamole Recipe

Quick, easy and delicious – since the main ingredients are “superfoods” – this raw guacamole recipe is just about as healthy as it gets!  You”ll have it ready in 15 minutes and be fully nourished and satisfied from this dish. Add carrots to mix and you’ll have a truly raw food recipe!  Remove any doubts … Read more…

Juice Recipes – Getting Started

If you’re new to juicing, you’ll need a few easy options to get comfortable with.  Once you get your feet wet, then you can experiment a bit. It’s only natural to focus on taste at first, but be careful!!   You don’t want too much fruit!  No more that 20-30% fruits – otherwise you’ll be getting … Read more…

Healthy Life Tips….for your Family

If you’re a parent who’s struggling to live a truly healthy lifestyle – you should be worried!  As a parent, you’re the role model for your kids – the first source of knowledge and learning they ever have.  Although TV and internet may come a close 2nd, you’re the biggest influence on their behavior.  Almost … Read more…

Raw Oatmeal Recipe

Is it possible to eat oatmeal “raw???”  Yes, of course!  You don’t have to cook anything in this RAW FOOD recipe and it will definitely change the way you think of oatmeal! Here’s How it Works & What You Need: Hand mixer/blender 1.5 – 2 cups of rolled oats or steel cut oats – organic … Read more…

Raw Banana Ice Cream!

It’s not actually “ice cream,” there’s no dairy here. And better yet, this recipe only uses a true natural sweetener… banana! Best of all it’s an easy, delicious and HEALTHY dessert! Here’s what you’ll need: Hand mixer/blender Knife and cutting board Ingredients: 4 bananas (makes 2 servings) Tahini – Sesame seed paste (use a raw, … Read more…

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