What About Your Energy?

A lot of people seem obsessed with weight loss today, right? It’s nothing new… we’ve always heard about diet this, sugar-free that, or zero-calorie foods and drinks. But did you know that as an industry, the weight-loss industry is about $11 Billion in sales each year. But hold on… it’s only $11 billion, whereas the … Read more…

How About a Nice Cold Shower?

Cold Showers Boost Energy, Build Mental Strength, Mental Toughness, Make Changes

Everything worth having in life requires some kind of sacrifice or increased effort to obtain. A regular cold shower, or exposure to cold water is a great way to boost your energy and improve blood flow. But there’s also a deeper lesson to be learned here… Check out this discussion on how cold showers can … Read more…

How to “Supercharge” Your Juice

Not crazy about your juices – or just looking for something MORE?   Perhaps you’re not satisfied – not enough fiber, fats or protein in your diet?? Still feel hungry after?  Can’t get enough organic veggies?   Or don’t like the tastes?  Whatever juicing experience you have, there’s always something you can do to improve a … Read more…

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