A Symphony of Immunity

A symphony is a harmonious musical composition considered to be a work of art that is celebrated by mankind.  If you’re familiar with a symphony you’ll know that is it played by an orchestra.  You’ll also know that an orchestra is made of different sections of instruments.  It’s a musical ensemble containing string, brass, woodwind … Read more…

The Connection Between the Immune System and the Gut

Just how crucial our immune system is can be lost on us at times.  First it’s important to know the basics of what it is and what it does.  But we also need to know what it needs and how to keep it strong!  We can’t abuse it and take it for granted.  Unless it’s actively … Read more…

A Healing Diet – What it is & What it isn’t

Since the time of Hippocrates (460 – 370 B.C.), the healing power of food was well understood.  Known as the”father of western medicine”, Hippocrates was a Greek physician who revolutionized the practice of medicine.  His approach was very humble, passive and gentle on the patient.  His theory is based on “the healing power of nature” and … Read more…

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