Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Would you described yourself as overweight, exhausted, dependent on caffeine or struggling to eat clean? If so, you’re not alone… not at all. Remember… most people are overweight: 64% of all US adults… nearly 7 out of 10… while 1 out of 3 kids are considered obese! But weight gain is just a side effect of … Read more…

Overcoming the “Dangers” of Juicing

So, you’re worried about juicing?  Is it really worth it, or too many reasons not to bother??  OK, yeah….. juicing is not perfect.  We can’t say it’s a true panacea or a fountain of youth.  But nor can we say that it’s truly dangerous!  After all, just getting out of bed in the morning could … Read more…

Hidden Dangers In Your Life

In life the glass is either half full or half empty, what’s your take?  Being an optimist, I choose to see the world positively regardless of how troubling it can be. Without the bad things in life we could never understand or appreciate what is good, and vice versa.  There’s opposition in all things, and … Read more…

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