How About a Nice Cold Shower?

Cold Showers Boost Energy, Build Mental Strength, Mental Toughness, Make Changes

Everything worth having in life requires some kind of sacrifice or increased effort to obtain. A regular cold shower, or exposure to cold water is a great way to boost your energy and improve blood flow. But there’s also a deeper lesson to be learned here… Check out this discussion on how cold showers can … Read more…

Breville Juice Fountain Plus – The Best “Starter” Juicer

New to juicing?  Looking for a tool to forever change your diet and your life? Well, the market for juicers is quite sophisticated and could seem pretty confusing – enough to get your head spinning! But lucky for you!  With what I’m about to tell you – you don’t have look any farther than….. The … Read more…

Healthy Life Tips….for your Family

If you’re a parent who’s struggling to live a truly healthy lifestyle – you should be worried!  As a parent, you’re the role model for your kids – the first source of knowledge and learning they ever have.  Although TV and internet may come a close 2nd, you’re the biggest influence on their behavior.  Almost … Read more…

Start with the Man in the Mirror

“If you want to make the world a better place, you’ve got to look at yourself and make a change”   – Michael Jackson, “Man in the Mirror. ”   Simple but powerful…. it makes you stop to think deeper about you’re doing with your life.  How long have you been making excuses and avoiding … Read more…

All About Juicing

Your body is starving – literally!  You need nutrients, but you’re NOT getting them – not enough!  The S.A.D. diet isn’t serving you well.  It’s a reality for so many people as our bodies are breaking down and we’re plunging deep into an enormous health crisis.  You need to correct this NOW!  Get yourself an … Read more…

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