Simple Detox Series – Baths

A hot bath does many great things for your body including relaxing the muscles and releasing tension and stress.  It’s always a good way to unwind and forget about the day.  But a true detox bath is an even better way to cleanse the body, open the pores of the skin and release toxins. By … Read more…

Detox – The What, Why & How?

If you’re new to detoxing, you should start off slow and learn the basics.  Basically, we’re just trying to help our bodies clean themselves.  Ideally our body will cleanse itself with proper nutrition, exercise and rest.  However that’s not always possible and can be a BIG challenge these days.  So we need to be prepared … Read more…

Simple Detox Series – Skin Brushing

Skin brushing is another easy tool you can use everyday to keep your body functioning at its best.  I keep it as part of my daily routine, doing it just before I shower.  For me it’s invigorating and brings a tingling feeling in my skin that really wakes me up!  Not to mention, my skin … Read more…

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