The Importance of Neck Strength

Neck weakness and imbalances are major factors that negatively affect the quality of life of countless people… and are something I know about first hand! But unlike most people, I took action to correct my underlying issues and have seen an amazing difference in how I feel and perform each day!

And it’s no secret that proper maintenance and regular chiropractic care can greatly reduce the risk of illness while treating all kinds of back pain, joint pain, and numerous other debilitating or chronic conditions.

Becoming aware of your underlying condition is the first step to addressing any of these all-too-common situations!

Learn more as Dr. Marc Weinberg DC, gives us a detailed look at how to determine the contributing factors, as well as practical ways to correct underlying issues, as well as other best practices to proactively improve your health your physical and mental health.

You can connect with Dr. Marc and his team at Active Health Center and learn more about all their complete range of services at

**And join us each week for live presentations where we educate and uplift each other… find us here at the Health & Wellness Connection!

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