The Importance of the Microbiome and Skincare

Did you know that your body is mostly made of bacteria? Yes, in fact at least 57% of your entire body consists of bacteria… and that’s a good thing!

Learn more about how the microbiome (or healthy bacteria) has a huge impact on your overall wellbeing, and in particular, how important it is for glowing, healthy skin.

Unfortunately, most people today having been experiencing a huge decrease in the health of their microbiome condition… and a dramatic increase in skin health issues over the past 70 years. Check out this presentation by skincare and nutrition expert, Frieda Lin, as she shares her expert insight on this topic.

Learn how diets, medications and other modern lifestyle habits are harming our health… and how to reignite the amazing protective properties of your microbiome, and how to revitalize your skin with clean-formula skincare.

She covers all this and much more on this vital component to overall health and wellbeing!

You can connect with Frieda and learn more about her and her services at

**And join us each week for live presentations where we educate and uplift each other… find us here at the Health & Wellness Connection!

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