Understand Your Food Addiction

Addiction to foods – is this what’s holding you back?  The problem is not the physical body, instead it’s all in your mind!  The body is craving real nutrition and is doing the best it can with what we provide.  Instead of satisfying our body’s desires, we usually give it something opposite of the real food it craves!  Despite the toxic burden we place upon it, our body is resilient – to a point.  It will gladly welcome the change to more nutritious foods.  Your addiction is really just your mind holding you hostage.

It is usually fear that manifests itself as an addiction.  Almost always unjustified it’s a fear that’s cleverly disguised.  Most people are actually just fearful of going without something.  Deep down, you fear your life won’t be the same –  you’ll suffer miserably and you can’t enjoy yourself.  If you take a deeper look you’ll start to see it clearly.  Better yet, try to deprive yourself from your favorite foods for a while.  What happens?  The first day or two might be a psychological battle, but once you realize that you can survive, you might start to see the light!  For me, I felt really empowered once I realized I really didn’t need those same old goodies.

Once you see it for what it truly is, you can move on and conquer bigger fears.  When you realize what you’re fighting – a fear of losing something irrelevant and insignificant to your health and well being, then you can start to focus on what your body really needs.

What Are You Afraid Of?

If you let them, foods can have a power over you.  But does living the rest of you life without cookies really terrorize you??  Are you letting something insignificant as a few beers or french fries control you?

The brain can actually work against our best interests in many ways.  Our brains are programmed to keep us safe.  We’ve developed an instinct that turns us away from our fears.  It’s a defense mechanism that makes it difficult to face our fears.  This makes it even harder to recognize how unjustified fears can be!  By staying in the comfort zone we miss out on learning crucial truths and fully living life!

Whatever food you struggle with, an addiction can be controlled.  There are many foods that we should never touch again (sodas and most foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce)!  But it’s not like you have to quit everything.  It’s OK to have a few “cheat” foods occasionally.  Just stay sensible and don’t get out of control!

Food Additives – The Real Cheaters

However it is clear that some foods are in fact psychologically addictive.  These are foods that are actually manipulating and tricking the brain.  Some food additives are specifically designed for this purpose!  An additive called MSG (monosodium glutamate), makes our brain think that something is nutritious and appealing, when in reality the food would be otherwise unappealing without it.

Sugar itself is addictive as well, much like any drug.  It causes the brain to release neurochemicals (opioids and dopamine) that are similar to the effects of other addictive drugs.  It’s actually found in so many foods, even those that you wouldn’t consider sweet (salad dressing, spaghetti, BBQ sauce – to name a few).  And for a bigger list, just check out the labels in your kitchen!

Even worse, check out the complete list of US foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup (from celestialhealing.net):


It’s definitely not a simple coincidence.  Foods are now specifically engineered to have an addicting affect on people.

The Deck is Stacked Against Us

From the standpoint of the food industry, this is probably the best way to ensure repeat customers.  Another great business model, however it leads to incredible sickness and disease!

But that’s where Modern Medicine enters the game!  They specialize in selling the drugs and performing the surgeries without any true focus on diet and lifestyle changes.  They simply try to manage the diseases that result, rather than healing the body.  But this all fits nicely into their business model!

The food industry and the modern medicine work as a perfect tandem and partnership.  However the source of the  problem can be traced back to addictive, nutrient deficient foods.  If you take a step back and look at the facts, you can see how we innocently fall victim to the these predators.  Their traps are set and there’s a mine field of dangers.

The Way Out of the Maze

I’ve always maintained that recognizing truth is the best motivation to make changes.  However it can be a lonely road to travel.  It’s possible to overcome fears and let go of sugar and junk food addictions.  Detoxification, education and lifestyle changes are the basic steps we need to take before the path becomes clear.




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