Understanding the Cause of Disease with Live Blood Analysis

With so much focus on finding a cure for diseases today, the most important aspects of the cause of disease and illness are often overlooked! It’s like running around with fire extinguishers in times of flood. This is why we often miss the mark when it comes to effective healthcare practices.

Instead, finding the cause is the answer, not only for preventing but also for reversing the harmful damage. This is often the damage that we ourselves inflict upon ourselves through our daily, fast-paced and stressful lifestyles. Regardless of what the disease or illness actually is, we end up with some form of imbalance in our bodies that has a huge impact on how we look, feel and perform.

One of the most effective ways to see the actual damage, and also to detect, understand and correct the various imbalances we create, is with Live Blood Analysis. This is a unique process that shows the actual, real-time conditions of live blood cells, where a person can see for themselves the conditions inside their body.

Check out this overview and discussion with Andrea Souza, Live Blood Analysis and Applied Nutritional Microscopy expert, as she walks us through and explains this process and how you can see what’s happening inside your blood cells.

You can connect with Andrea Souza at Ultra Wellness Center and learn more about all her services at https://www.instagram.com/asouza7777/

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