Wake Up From The Trance

Common expressions, speech and shared ideas really reflect the state of health in the mainstream. They tell us a lot about the mentality and priorities of entire nations. The modes of thinking and psychological factors like who we trust… what we already believe… and how we remember things… all affect how we process new information.

Unfortunately these are huge roadblocks to future growth and progress. They tend to keep us running in place… like on a treadmill, we never really get anywhere! If you take a deeper look at some of these closely held beliefs and ask a few simple questions… like why and where they come from… then we can start to see new approaches and explanations.

Shine some light on your way of thinking!
Shine some light on your way of thinking!

Deconstructing Healthcare

A major concern for most people, especially in the US, is health insurance. Most people’s lives revolve around it. The way they talk, think and structure their lives around it is pretty extreme!

It’s all too common that Americans evaluate their lifes work based on its benefits. Whether or not a job includes health insurance coverage is absolutely essential. I would dare say that it ranks higher than their interest in the work, rather than if it fits with their ideal lifestyle.

The expression, “a job with benefits,” means a lot more than “a job I love.” 

Of course this is just my opinion, and I once thought this way too. But why is it like this… people so vulnerable to the allure of “free health insurance” or “a job with benefits?”

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

First of all, health insurance is never free. Someone, like tax payers (you and me), always end up paying for it. It’s just a little far removed from our vision, so that we don’t notice it as much.

But the insurance plans that we choose and knowingly pay for are ridiculously expensive! Even if the employer pays for a portion and negotiates a better rate for its workers, it’s still expensive. Without the coverage provided through a job, it’s a crippling cost to bear, even for healthy people!

Either way, so much energy and resources are drained into healthcare and insurance. According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), projected healthcare spending for 2015 will be $3.2 Trillion… or roughly $10,000 per person!

The Ugly Truth

So, when you get sick (not “if “), just go to the doctor. It’s simple. But wait… do you have insurance??

This whole notion reveals something even more disturbing. The desperate reliance on health insurance is based on the idea that people expect to get sick! 

Most people carry an expectation to fall seriously ill at some point. It’s a given for most! Not only this, but the other assumption here is that someone else will be there to help! Hopefully someone will be there. But realistically… it’s not going to happen for everyone.

Many consider it a right to have healthcare. Meaning that someone has to take care of them… and they can completely give up personal responsibility for their health.

It speaks to the lack of ownership for personal problems… not just in health but with all things that affect others. The importance of prevention and healthy living has lost meaning to so many. And so many never even have the chance to learn what this means!

A World Without Health Insurance??

What would that look like? I recognize that we’re not prepared for this, not now, not even for a long time.

A lot of time, money and resources could surely be put to better use.

First we need to get smart about taking care of our body and mind. Going without health insurance definitely forces you to take care of yourself and be resourceful.

After all, the kind of care that we get from the modern medicine and healthcare insurance combo is not doing such a good job with healing disease anyway.

Driving Without a Spare Tire

Bad news never has good timing.

Like driving around without a spare tire, eventually you’ll get a flat. Then you’ll have to call for help, there’s no other choice. But what if help can’t come, or if you didn’t charge your cell phone?  Sometimes calling for help, or even seeing the doctor, can’t make up for being unprepared!

I hope that’s not you! But if it is, it could be your wake up call!  You need motivation and inspiration to take action. There’s too much apathy in the world today… even doctors, lawyers and politicians can’t be fully trusted to take care of our every need. But nor should they have to!

We need to understand how much we let others control our lives.

No one could ever take better care of you than you! Self-sufficiency frees you from the mental prison built up by relying on someone else to take care of you!

Here’s a few ideas of how to get started:

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