What Causes Disease?

Imagine putting the wrong kind of fuel in your car.  Instead of regular, you filled it with diesel fuel…. or instead of high octane, you put regular.  Your car might actually run for a little while, however poorly, until it soon breaks down leaving you stranded!   Likewise we can build a house very quickly if we rush the planning, the assembly and use cheap materials.  However, that house crumbles quickly when the storm hits, leaving you exposed.  Instead, if we take time to use the best planning, craftsmanship and materials we get strong a house that lasts for generations.

All things need to be well maintained to function well.  Our bodies are no different, however they are much better equipped to deal with our mistakes, and….. make up for them.  We can tolerate a lot – but only so much as we age.  Specifically for the body, poor maintenance and neglect leads to disease – and even promotes it!  It’s a simple result of our body breaking down.  But it doesn’t have to happen so quickly – 50, 60, 70 years old – that’s still pretty young!!

There are so many kinds of chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few.  The approach of modern medicine seeks a cure for each disease and defaults to drugs and surgery.  However, the methods only treat the symptoms and temporarily relieve pain, at best.   Actually, disease itself is just a symptom of the lack of care and maintenance the body needs.

Instead of constantly seeking an elusive cure –  the question we should ask is…..WHAT CAUSES DISEASE??

A Ferrari With a Flat Tire

It might still look beautiful, but how well will a Ferrari perform with a flat tire?  Similarly, your body and a weak immune system create an environment for disease to thrive.  But with regular tune-ups and the right fuel, the body can perform miraculously.

A lifetime of neglect adds up until the point where the body can’t adequately defend itself.  In addressing chronic disease, a serious lifestyle change and major cleansing are desperately neededThe key point is that our lifestyles distract us from awareness of the body’s needs.

Imagine how many times you’ve cleansed and maintained the outside of your body.  How often do you take a shower, bath, get haircuts, styling, manicure, pedicure, or facials, etc.?  Consider this and ask yourself, how often do you cleanse the inside of your body?  Do you even know how?

In Reality, There Is Only 1 Disease

By focusing on the cause of disease we can understand the maintenance our bodies need and how we’ve been negligent.  The 1 disease has multiple names and many different symptoms, but its actually a lifestyle disease directly linked to how we live!  By learning a little basic anatomy and examining our daily lives we can spot the warnings.

A quick look at our trillions of cells (the building blocks of our entire body) gives us a starting point.  They all have something in common –  3 basic needs:

  • Oxygen
  • Nutrients
  • The need to eliminate waste (in the form of CO2)

How well do we meet those needs?  Looking deeper into our anatomy is literally learning about ourselves and that’s pretty much endless!

A lack of nutrition and exposure to toxins and poisons (many we willingly seek and others unaware) is probably the biggest problem for most people.  Lifestyle factors are to blame as well, including a lack of sleep and rest, poor eating and exercise habits, and stress.   A lack of mental and spiritual health also lead to a one dimensional life with dangerous imbalances that manifest in sickness.  In particular, this opens another similar discussion into the concept of health and what it truly means. 

Taking Action – YOU!

We know that modern medicine’s methods are not working effectively for chronic disease.  There are NO known cures in the form of a pill or drug.  Maybe one day there will be, but let’s not wait around putting all our hopes on it!  People are slow to wake up to these facts even though the pattern is clear.  Looking outside the box there’s a great variety of alternatives….. but asking critical questions and building knowledge is key.

The plain truth is that each of us need to take responsibility to maintain ourselves and prevent disease.  In healing ourselves, reversing the damage is the only true cure!  Understanding disease from this approach and considering the options for our own particular needs removes the stigma and fear – making it easier to get started!

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