What is an Alkaline Diet?

The word “alkaline” may be too complicated for our everyday vocabulary.  But understanding what it’s all about isn’t so difficult.  It’s a word used in chemistry for substances that buffer, or balance acid substances.  Our body balances the levels of alkaline and acid in the bloodstream, to a point that is slightly more alkaline than acid.  This process is critical for our survival and fortunately for us, it’s all done in auto-pilot mode!

When an airplane flies on auto-pilot, a pilot is still needed because the plane can’t do everything itself.  The pilot still has responsibilities for take-off, landing, providing fuel, engine checks, etc.  By eating a healthy diet, you are your body’s pilot!  You have the role of taking care of your body’s needs while it’s flying on auto-pilot.

An alkaline diet is key for preventing disease and healing.  In the long run, high acidity in the bloodstream leads to deficiency and disease.  The buffering process needs essential minerals, known as buffers, to balance the body’s pH.  These minerals serve as essential components of many enzymes, vitamins, hormones and we can only get them from the foods we eat.  These include minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium to name a few.  Without them the body breaks down and can’t support itself.   We can think of them as the fuel for a plane on auto-pilot.

Mineral chart
Essential Minerals Overview

An Alkaline Diet is a Healthy Diet

Sure they alkalize the bloodstream, but alkaline foods are crucial for other reasons too.  They are most compatible with the human body and are full of the nutrients we need for ALL the core body functions.  They are high in water content just like our body, which is anywhere from 70-80% water.  These foods are also much easier for our body to digest and eliminate as well.  Each person is different, but overall alkaline foods will surely raise our level of health because they are the foods we were made to eat!

In particular, it’s important to seek out alkaline-forming foods.  This means that even though they might contain acid, they actually have a net alkaline affect once they are processed in the body.  Some examples of acidic foods that are alkaline-forming are tomatoes and lemons.

So when we talk about an alkaline diet, we’re really just talking about a healthy diet.  It doesn’t mean giving up all acid-forming foods, but just to cutting back and eliminating the most harmful.  We don’t have to start a drastic new diet, but only make a few adjustments to your existing eating habits.  An acid alkaline balanced diet should be 70-80% alkaline-forming foods and 20-30% acid-forming foods.

Alkaline Diet Food

To start adjusting to an alkaline (healthy) diet, focus on the foods with the lowest possible human intervention!  Foods that are in their original condition, with no processing and only 1 ingredient are called whole foods.  Whole foods are also “no label foods.”  Packaging and labeling involves processing, usually additives of some kind and shipping long distances.  With the food we were made to eat, there’s no label and it’s not too far away!  This is an easy way to help you remember what to look for in making the transition.

Unfortunately, the meats, dairy, processed foods, sugar and soft drinks all fall under “label foods,” so they need to be limited.  Fresh and local, straight from the ground foods are what we need!  Eating the color of the rainbow is a great place to start, especially with green veggies.

The Food You Eat Creates the Life You Live

Be aware of what you put into your body, always!  Be sure you’re feeding your body’s trillions of cells and not poisoning them!  Acid-forming foods drain and deplete the body, while alkaline-forming foods nourish and replenish!  Study it out, find reliable info that you can trust and make your own decisions.  You need to become your own best ally in healing and staying healthy.

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In this Ebook, I’ll walk you through the lessons I’ve experience with Acid/Alkaline balance and how an Alkaline-based diet can help you find greater meaning, more enjoyment… and the energy to feel truly alive, regardless of how old you are!

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And here are a few other resources to get you started:

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