Why We Need to Detox

How much attention do you give to the inside of your body… to all your vital organs and defense systems?

The word “detox” gets tossed around a lot. But do you know what it truly means? Detoxifying is all about helping our bodies cleanse themselves… on the inside. We are all very well aware of how much time we spend on our outer appearances… from bathing and the clothes we wear, to trimming our hair and nails… these tend to be major commitments for most.

However, when we better understand how our bodies function, and make a better effort to regularly cleanse toxins, the results can be amazing! You’ll see incredible changes in how you look and feel… in ways you would never imagine!

Not only in dropping weight, but also in…

  • gaining energy
  • clearer skin
  • better sleep
  • concentration
  • mental clarity
  • increased strength
  • better flexibility
  • better confidence
  • …and even reducing or saying goodbye to your medications!

However, the work of detoxing doesn’t have to be so hard or complicated to maintain. Listen as Michael Loguidice guides you through the core pillars you need know to get started and how to build an easy routine for detoxing into your lifestyle.

To learn more, connect with Michael here, at True Health True Life.

**And join us each week for live presentations where we educate and uplift each other… find us here at the Health & Wellness Connection!

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