Why You Need to Take Time for Food

Living a fast-paced lifestyle means living “on the go.” There’s not enough time in the day… we need to squeeze in as much as possible! This is how “fast food” has become so deeply ingrained in the lifestyle of the masses.

Our lives have become built around these “conveniences.” Convenience is a main driver behind this trend. Unfortunately these compromises add up… and lead to disaster!!

On the whole, Americans aren’t healthy – it’s not even open to debate.

What’s lost on most people… eating well and knowing how to take care of yourself.  This is more enjoyable and more satisfying than any processed meal!

Slow Food… Rather Than Fast Food

It takes more time, money, effort…but so what!  Once you synchronize quality food habits with your life… it becomes super-easy… you wouldn’t have it any other way!

At first, learning how to make nutritious meals takes a little time and hard work. The heart of this is figuring out a routine and lifestyle that fits YOU! Once the hard work is out of the way – when “the learning curve” is over – you’ll be glad you did!

No restaurant can compete with your kitchen… eating out isn’t as satisfying. Feel confident that every meal you make is your own masterpiece – something YOU created. And you know exactly what ingredients are in it!!

Feel empowered by the fact that you are taking control of your own health and future – something that reaches your family too!

The money that you save by buying fast foods –  pre-packaged, microwaveable, ready-to-go foods, that you have NO idea what’s in them – they lead to enormous costs down the road!

In terms of future sickness, disease and medical bills, etc., you’re much better off investing the time, money and effort now!

The Real Costs of Fast Food

A “Big Mac” at McDonalds costs anywhere form $4 to $4.56. There’s even a “poor man’s” version that sells for only $1!!  It’s no mystery why Big Macs are so popular – with BILLIONS SOLD – a lot of food, really cheap!

Several studies have gone into great detail to show the real costs of Big Macs in terms of social, economic and environmental costs. These “hidden” costs are really hard to ignore and when you factor them in…THE REAL COST OF A BIG MAC IS $ 12!!

Roughly an extra $7 – $7.46, above the retail price falls on American taxpayers and consumers – it’s an externalized cost.

Here are just a few things that make up this extra cost to us:

  • Excessive meat consumption is linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity & cancer – $735 BILLION in costs of diet related diseases!
  • At 540 calories, a Big Mac makes up 30% of a woman’s daily calorie intake and 25% of a man’s intake.
  • Big Mac’s 10% saturated fat is 50% of a woman’s daily intake and 40% of a man’s daily limit.
  • Cattle feeds on corn – US Government corn subsidies from 1995 to 2006 totaled $56.2 billion. Because of corn subsidies – taxpayer funded –  the American beef industry saves, on average, $501 million a year.
  • Average full time fast-food employees earn only $17K per year… below the poverty line. US Government supplements$ 1 billion per year for medicaid, food stamps and direct payments to low-income earners.
  • Estimates of worldwide meat production show more greenhouse gases than ALL other forms of global transportation and industrial processes COMBINED!
  • In the US alone, 550 million Big Macs produced each year creates 2.66 billion pounds of carbon dioxide.

And let’s not forget – we don’t even know what’s actually inside these foods!

Stop feeding into this negative trend. It’s a downward spiral that pulls us apart – physically, mentally and even in our family relationships!

Triple your Food Enjoyment

  1. Satisfy your tastes…
  2. improve your health…
  3. bond with your family

All at the same time!

Vote with your dollars – choose local, organic foods!


  • GMO
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Refined sugar (white) and
  • Gluten and processed grains, wheat flour, pasta.
  • Packaged foods – (pretty much anything you find in the middle aisles at the supermarket!)

Find the recipes that you can make at home – recipes you can trust and know what goes in them!  Find easy vegetarian and raw food based recipes.

Build your lifestyle around healthy food. You can’t squeeze it into your life – it just won’t work!

Here’s a few easy recipes to get you started:

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Raw Oatmeal Recipe




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