7 Steps to Take Control of Your Life

Hi everyone, I’m Michael and I created this site to help people take control of their health and their lives. And let’s face it, we’re not all that healthy.

Heart disease… diabetes… cancer… arthritis… acid reflux… allergies… the list goes on. Ever wonder why so many people are so sick today? Without a strong foundation and understanding of your body and how it works… how can you truly control your life?

More than just following the doctor’s orders – and giving up control – the right information should lead you to transformation. Otherwise it’s useless!

The long journey ahead - South Island, NZ
“The Long Journey Ahead” – South Island, NZ

Understanding true health is a journey in itself… one that requires patience and a deeper connection to yourself… to the world… and to the people around you!

I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I am eager to help people get started… to make it easier to understand what’s really going on… and share what I’ve learned!

So where do you start on your journey?

Start with an open mind! Step by step, and build a foundation so that you can make better choices!

7  Steps to Take Control:

1) Educate Yourself – Understand Your Body and Who You Are!

How much do you know about what goes on inside you? Do you realize how amazing and complete your body is? For example, what does your immune system do?  In reality, our bodies are very well equipped to handle most of life’s challenges.

A basic understanding of anatomy and bodily functions, will help you appreciate your body more. You’ll also learn what happens if you neglect it!

2) Understanding Disease:

Out of all the questions about disease, the most relevant question becomes clear once we have a fundamental knowledge of our body.


This gives us the direction we need. Most diseases can be summed up with a basic equation:

nutrition deficiency + toxicity + stress = DISEASE.

With this basic understanding we start to see how diseases can be reversed!

3) The World Around Us:

A close look at our lifestyles and surroundings shows us so much.

The truth is…we’re surrounded by toxic materials. And they make their way into our bodies. Pollution and food safety standards are shockingly low, to the point where quality and safety take a backseat to profitability and convenience. And, our foods are severely lacking the nutrition we desperately need.

Stress and tension from busy lifestyles help to hide this reality. That’s the world we live in today.

Despite the urgency, we can still find hope and amazing potential for change!

4) Understanding Modern Healthcare:

Modern healthcare is really more about “sick-care.” It’s completely reactive and does very little to keep people healthy.

Instead of preventing disease, it only enters the picture once a person becomes sick. It’s a great option for emergencies and traumas. But it’s definitely not effective for chronic diseases.

So how did modern healthcare become so popular while sickness and disease rates are soaring? The motive is profit and the method is treating only the symptoms and ignoring the underlying causes.

5) Healthy Living Resources:

In reality there are many other forms of healthcare and methods… much older and more effective. Unfortunately, they are mostly ignored in the mainstream.

These are also safe and natural ways to maintain and heal our bodies. Not to mention, they’re usually safer and cheaper compared to dangerous prescription drugs or surgeries.

6) Healing Diets:

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”Hippocrates. Nutrition is the key!

No matter what kind of diet you follow, the quality of food and your eating habits determine your progress toward true health.

And this is the fun part, learn to explore and enjoy so many new and amazing foods! Tastes and cravings really do change… and our bodies will reward us for it!

7) Get started – Motivation & Discipline!

It’s not hard to get started with new ideas and techniques. And you will see benefits immediately! However, how do you stay with it for the long run??

It comes down to making some BIG changes in your life. Your lifestyle and way of thinking are what need a transformation!

You don’t have to do it alone!  Many people follow a similar path and learning from others is a great way to do it.

So start slow by making small changes and educating yourself. But just get going! Soon enough you’ll see that your lifestyle no longer fits the person you want to be!

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10 thoughts on “7 Steps to Take Control of Your Life”

  1. Hi Michael

    Re: MMW

    I have left my site dormant and am just in the process of adding more topics for quite some time. Just swamped as I am writing a recipe book for people with food intolerances which is taking way longer than I anticipated. I discovered that most gluten-free recipes are worse than the original. Learned the hard way Soo, taking much more research.

    I am also in the process of setting up another website and online marketing.

    • Hi LuSinda, I really like sunflowercircle.com and your personal message! We’re definitely thinking along the same lines! We need more healthy and easy recipes that can simplify peoples lives. I plan to share a few of my own on this site, but like you I’m swamped. I’d love to see your recipe book, so please let me know when it’s ready. It’s interesting about gluten, there’s no easy answer other than just eliminating or seriously limiting the grains in your diet (especially bread). In general I think food intolerances will get better as we heal and strengthen the rest of our bodies – that way we can handle them easier and more so, not even crave those foods anymore! I’d love to hear your take!
      You’re a great example for the change we need! Best – Michael

  2. Mike! This is so wonderful! Nice work. I have lived with hashimoto, hypothyroidism since my oldest son was born. I have never once had a doctor to treat my disease with food, so I continued to eat anything. After years of pain and annoying symptoms and a ton of self education and research I came to realize I am not supposed to have gluten. Nine days after eliminating gluten from my diet I was 70% better. My pain was gone. I continue to learn what deficiencies my body is experiencing and using food to treat my symptoms. I love your site and message! We need to stop relying solely on the medical world and take the power into our own hands. Building a community of healing. When we make changes slowly and at a pace we are comfortable with, we can see amazing changes in pain, energy and physically. It takes time and patience and I’m thrilled you have made a commitment to help others. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more! Warmly, Kristin

    • Wow Kristin! You have such an amazing story, thank you for sharing! I’m sorry to hear you suffered so long before you found the truth and the answers you needed. But usually that’s exactly what’s needed to push us forward – our challenges are what shape us! There’s no escaping them until we face them head on (easy to say, harder to do – I know)! But you stepped out on your own and educated yourself! Anyone can do that, and that is the best place to start. From that point the discovery is endless and the community is filled with others who are farther down the path. You are there now – in the right place to help and share!

      Too many people need to know about gluten sensitivity and personal testimonies like yours are the best way to reach them. These things are real, they happen to real people with real emotions – who have everyday lives and families. This is a powerful way to reach people, to share the truth of what’s really going on with their health! I hope we can find those who have ears to hear!

      I’m really grateful for your testimony! Feel free to contribute anytime!

    • Hi Giovanni – thanks for visiting the site! I haven’t done any group meetings here – we’re still getting settled. But maybe someday. My wife and I are passionate about the subject and so it usually comes up in conversations. We’ll share our thoughts in a very informal way, keep it very casual. But if you want to discuss more, please let me know!

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  5. Hi Michael…I just wanted to start off by saying wow. You’re amazing. I came across your site completely by accident, but am so glad that I have.

    It wasn’t until after I had surgery to remove most of my large intestines, as well as having skin problems and other health issues for many years, that I realised how much of my health issues were caused by food. By the time I had my son I had given up gluten and dairy.

    It wasn’t until my son was displaying similar health problems to my own that I took a good look at the family and our life choices as a whole as I didn’t want to see history repeating itself with my children. Needless to say, my son and I don’t have refined sugar, processed junk foods or inflammation causing foods in our diet anymore and we are thriving.

    After seeing the massive difference changing our diet made I decided to look at eliminate toxins in the home, and also became a certified natural and organic skincare formulator. This now means that all our skincare is 100% natural. Our eczema, and my adult acne is almost gone and almost all of our stomach issues are under control as long as we don’t deviate from what we know works.

    Its still a big learning curve which is why I’m sat here looking at websites, so that I can learn more.

    I’m so glad that I have found your website, I’ll definitely be following you are Facebook and Instagram as I can’t wait to improve my knowledge.

    Thanks for all he information you have provided

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