Business & Tax Planning for Your Side Hustle

Financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight. And for Network Marketers, Small-Business Owners and Entrepreneurs… along with all the hard work, the starts and stops and success along the way, the right planning and partners are essential!  Developing the right mindset and systems for planning and running your business properly are centered around tax planning and advice. … Read more…

It’s Time to Get Moving… Before you Get Stuck!

exercise, regular movement, heart rate, get moving

It’s easy to get stuck in life… and there are so many ways it can happen, either mentally or physically. I think of a boat that gets stuck on a sandbar or runs aground… probably one of the worst outcomes besides sinking! Ship captains and boaters are almost always aware of the depth of the … Read more…

What About Your Energy?

A lot of people seem obsessed with weight loss today, right? It’s nothing new… we’ve always heard about diet this, sugar-free that, or zero-calorie foods and drinks. But did you know that as an industry, the weight-loss industry is about $11 Billion in sales each year. But hold on… it’s only $11 billion, whereas the … Read more…

Making Changes & Failing Forward

formula for success, perseverance, never quit, path to success

What is it about making changes that’s so difficult? We all know how nice it is to stay within our comfort zones, but don’t you feel that nagging feeling deep within that makes you uneasy… like you know there’s something more you need to be doing? If anything, we should be making changes just to satisfy … Read more…

Overcoming Narcotics Addiction – Ashley Walker Interview

Narcotics and opioid addictions are rocking our world today… where almost everyone is being affected in some way or at least has a connection to someone who’s life is being destroyed by this epidemic.  Learn how Ashley overcame her narcotics addiction as she describes her struggle and emotional journey. In this video interview, she discusses … Read more…

Profile Interview – Spotlight on Pascal Pierre

soccer coach, soccer training, soccer trainer, endurance training, endurance skills

I recently had the chance to catch up with Pascal Pierre, founder of Selective Soccer, semi-pro soccer player, health-enthusiast and all-around amazing person. I caught with up with him just before one of his daily training sessions and talked to him about his vision and desire to share his gifts and give back to those … Read more…

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